Compliance: Why The Beauty Industry Needs AI to Keep Up

AI is essential for the beauty industry to stay compliant with evolving EU standards.

Vegard Blauenfeldt Næss
June 17, 2024

In the fast-paced world of beauty, staying compliant with the evolving EU standards like EUDR, CSRD and CSDDD is paramount for brands looking to thrive in today’s market.  

As with any industry, having full visibility into the supply chain is necessary to maintain a competitive advantage and tackle common supply chain-related issues.

Now more than ever, the demand for sustainable and eco-friendly cosmetic products is high. Consumers not only want to have their products delivered quickly and transparently, but also want the peace of mind that the product is ethical.

Instant alert gives market advantage

ComplAi allows users to create and oversee hierarchies of products, extending all the way to every raw material and ingredient involved.

Additionally, it enables the construction and management of supplier hierarchies, ranging from the first level of suppliers right through to the nth level.

Through this, brands get real-time overview of their product and supplier hierarchy, giving the possibility to monitor and flag discrepancies if any ingredient becomes non-compliant. This allows brands to swiftly navigate market landscapes, ensuring their products meet regulations and giving them confidence and control when launching in new markets.

Removes compliance fatigue

The challenges of collecting compliance-related data from the supply chain  have long plagued brands and manufacturers in the beauty industry. Traditional processes using Excel, mail and cloud drives are no longer sufficient with the evolving EU legislative landscape and increased stakeholder pressure.

With standard or custom questionnaires linked to product and supplier hierarchies, ComplAi enables continuous and efficient outreach to suppliers across all tiers of the supply chain. Its state-of-the-art features and governance models facilitate seamless due diligence, ensuring trust in the information provided by suppliers.

The platform’s AI assistent, the Compliance Copilot, allows company’s to reuse answers across standards and questionnaires, reducing redundancy and streamlining reporting processes. This takes away the growing issue of survey fatigue, enabling all actors in the supply chain to meet the increased demands for information efficiently and effectively.

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