ComplAi partners with DNV in machinery safety

ComplAi and DNV are pleased to announce a joint offer to streamline DNV’s machinery safety certification, which integrates various cross-cutting legal requirements throughout the lifecycle of companies’ machines.

Vegard Blauenfeldt Næss
June 5, 2024

The global assurance provider DNV will use ComplAi’s powerful compliance management platform in their Machine Safety in the Workplace certification process.

This will increase the efficiency and scalability of the workflow, giving customers a superior and streamlined experience.

“I am really excited about this partnership which combines ComplAi’s strong digital skills with DNV’s experience in conveying trust to the market on a relevant topic such as machinery compliance and safety” says South Europe Area Manager Maurizio Bellina.

The certification is aligned with the EU’s Machinery Directive’s health and safety requirements and the upcoming Machinery Regulation from the EU, which enhances and ensures proper machine management practices.

The certificate confirms that companies have assessed the safety performance of machines and are providing continuous monitoring of regulatory compliance.

DNV aims to become a market-leading provider in the field and ComplAi’s leading-edge digital platform will help them achieve this.

The platform will give companies working with DNV Business Assurance Italy Srl efficiency gains, greater transparency and better data governance.

And further automate and simplify the certification process for both DNV and their customers.

The possibility to use ComplAi with DNV will first be available in Italy, but aims to expand to other European countries in short order.

“This partnership is a further sign of ComplAi’s commitment to ensuring proper regulatory compliance. With recent developments in EU, in the form of CSRD, EUDR, and CSDDD, the regulatory landscape is only getting more complex. ComplAi’s digital solution will enable companies, auditors and accessors to stay in control and turn compliance from a risk into a competitive advantage,” says CEO Jeremy Gerst.

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